What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with you?
Do you know why I ask?
Because you know all
The keys to success;
And talk so much about
What to do to succeed;
You even teach people
The principle of success;
You have helped many
People succeed;
Yet,l looking at you,
It is clear, you haven’t
You don’t look like
Someone who has succeeded;
In fact,
You have not succeeded
But you are making people
What is wrong with you?
Something must be wrong;
I think its lack of action;
You have not implemented
What you know;
You know it;
But you need to put it
Into action;
Words alone won’t deliver.
You have not forgotten
What we commonly say;
The old adage which says
Action speaks
Louder than words.
Let action speak;
And you will see success;


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