Dive into action

Don’t wait until you are
Perfectly ready
Before you start
What you want to do;
You may never be
Perfectly ready;
Start, where you are,
With what you have
And learn and improve as you go.
Don’t wait till you are rich
Before you offer
Another financial help;
What if you are never rich?
People poorer than you
Are offering financial help
To others;
Don’t wait till you get a job
Before you marry;
What if you never get a job?
Marry and continue to look
For a job;
Don’t wait till
You are appointed
Before you start to come early
To work;
What if you are never appointed
Because you never come early
To work?
Don’t wait until
You make it before you start
Living your life?
What if you never make it.
My friend, it’s good to be ready;
Preparation for anything is good.
But don’t spend all your time
Only getting ready;
And no procrastination.
Get ready;
And without waste of time,
Dive into action.
If you make mistakes, correct them,
And move on;
That is how we get things done.


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