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Hello firends! Hope you are doing fine! Here are some new friends to visit.

Roshni Ramanan
Hello, success inspirer. I think this is mighty generous of you and I applaud your service. I’ve discovered a few cool blogs right here in your comment section. So, thank you for that.

I’m Roshi Ramanan.

My blog link:

About: My goal is to be a versatile blogger and to dabble in varied themes and styles. I mainly write different types of poetry but have also tried my hand at Flash fiction, Terribly Tiny Tales, listicles etc.

Samples: Pick the form you most enjoy reading!


Name: April Mae Labrador.
Name of Blog: Discovering A Life Journey
Blog link #1:

Blog link #2:

A Summary of myself:
I created my own website/blog to share all my experiences, stories and travel explorations to contribute these keepsakes with others to inspire hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the future. All my writings are all related throughout my lessons learned and experiences in life. I want to motivate others to see the world that there is more of life to educate yourself. Life is full of challenges and uncertainties. It’s how you respond to make a difference. Every minute of every single day can make a difference.

Respectfully yours,
April Mae

My name is Rosa-lynn.

A link to my profile:
My blog is about mental health. I am an occupational therapy student and I blog also about that. And my blogs are just as aducational as fun. They contain tips and my own experiences.
Also the blog I would like to have posted is one that won’t be posted till 28 of Nov. So my blog that will be posted 28 nov is about tips to deal with stress.
Thank you for your time.


Mode Wanderlust
Hello, My blog is called Mode Wanderlust and I write under that pin name! My blog is about travel and fashion. I offer tips, advice, showcase trends, seasonal look books, share places I have traveled, as well as travelling tips, cool places, and more! I am a startup blog and just began posting. I currently have a post about Cyber Monday tips and another post on Amalfi Coast is going live at 10:00am. I mostly will be posting daily. If you are interested here is the link Thank you!


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