Know what to care about

There are things you must
Care about in life;
Things you must not neglect;
You should care about
Yourself and your future?
If you do,
You will do what you need
To do to stay alive
And to succeed;
This shows responsibility.

You should care about
The security of your family;
The success of your family;
The happiness of your family;
If you do, you are responsible;
You will help them
In anyway that you can
To be safe,
To succeed;
And be happy.

You should care about God;
You should care about your faith;
And the growth of your faith.
If you do,
You will ensure that
You equip yourself
With the tools that will
Make you strong in your faith
Stay close to and love God.

Do you care about your
Country and fellow citizens;
And the entire people
Of the world;
You should care;
And if you do,
You will think of them
With love and kindness;
And treat those you meet
With love and kindness.

We could go on and on;
The list is endless;
You don’t neglect things
You should care about;
Know what is important
To you, your loved ones,
And other fellow human beings
And pay attention to them.


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