Self-love – Do something for yourself every day!

Self-love is important!

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? I am doing good.  Today, I want to share an experience and the lesson I learned from it with you all.

A few days back, it was my birthday and so I decided to make some special food for lunch. As it was a working day for my husband, I asked him if he could join me for lunch and he told me that he couldn’t as he was going to be busy in a meeting.

What did I do? I canceled the lunch plan. But then my husband asked me to make the lunch for myself and celebrate my birthday.

So then I made a special lunch and ate all by myself and how did I feel? No points for guessing. I felt very very good because I did something “special”  for me.

What was so special about the whole thing? The fact that I had done something for myself!

In India (I can only say for India), the wives and mothers usually make special meals for the family members. But if they had to make special food only for themselves, they would not take the effort to make something special as they do not feel the need to do something for themselves.

I also used to be like that. I would prefer to make a full lunch if my husband was coming home. Otherwise, I would make something simple, thinking, why should I make an elaborate meal (it’s the routine meal I am talking about here) for me alone.

Men, on the other hand, would make or buy a special meal for themselves whether they have company or not. This is not a bad thing to do.  It is the normal thing to do which most women tend to forget as their world revolves around their family and its priorities and responsibilities.

I think we (women) should make regular meals and at times special meals for ourselves as it is a way to practice self-love.  It will instantly make us feel good. We will start giving importance to our own interests and tastes. Our body and eventually our mind will feel good and we will no longer crave for the love of our family (and others) because now we love, nourish and celebrate our own-selves.

If we don’t give importance to our interests and tastes, how can we expect others to respect them?  If we want others to appreciate our interests, let us begin by appreciating and celebrating them in the first place.

Women were not born like that. As kids, they also used to eat and do things that they loved. But as they grew up, they became sensitive to how their mothers or other ladies behaved, what the society expected of them and eventually they fell into the trap of sacrificing self-interest over others.

It is very important that we teach our young girls to learn to balance their life. They must learn to love and respect their own interests before doing the same for others. They should be taught not to feel guilty of indulging in self-love. Only if they love themselves, will they be able to love others without expecting anything in return and when they don’t expect anything in return, they will be happy with whatever they get and this will keep multiplying their happiness.

Do let me know what you think.



p.s. image taken from Pexels.

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