Do you know what is ahead for you?

Do you know or guess what is
Ahead for you in this world?
Who can boast they know?
I do not;
Some have greater things
Than they can imagine;
Isn’t it great to believe
Something incredible
Awaits you?
And it might just be so.
Truth is
Awe-inspiring achievements
Are lined up for tomorrow
All over the world;
And hard to know
Who will be their authors;
One of them
Could well be you.
Big possibility;
Don’t undermine God’s plan
For your own life.
No one knows God’s logic;
If he decides to put you on top;
To let your team carry the trophy,
Who can dare counter him?
Just keep doing your best;
And hoping for the best.
It’s possible to have a big
Pleasant surprise;
Having the world stand up
To salute you.
Hahaha haha!😀😀😀👍


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