Have you got God’s plan for you and I?

Have you got God’s plan
For us?
I mean for you and I?
It’s quite clear to me;
God created us
For each other;
I mean you and I;
He created you for me,
And me for you;
Not to be husband and wife;
But partners for life;
That is why he put us
He means us to journey
Together as working partners;
Do you see what I mean?
We are partners on the web;
More precisely, the blogosphere;
Of billions
Of people in the world,
He decided to bring
You and I together;
He brought you here;
And brought me here;
That we should meet
In this small community;
It’s not a mistake;
It is his plan to put us
In the same community;
He didn’t consult you;
He didn’t consult me;
And what He puts together,
No one has a right
To put asunder even for a day.
“Thank you God;
For making me your partner
For life.”


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