Our problem is greed

Can we not love one another,
Instead of hate one another
In this world?
Can we not live in harmony
Instead of living in disharmony
In this world?
Can we not stop fighting one another
And live together in peace
In this world?
Instead of being at war always?
What makes it so hard
To live with others in peace?
Can we not share the fruits
Of the garden fairly among ourselves?
Why do some people want to grab
Everything only for themselves?
Some people want the Lion’s share;
But why such greed?
Because that is where the problem lies.
The day we remove greed
From our hearts,
And replace it with generosity,
And think of others
When dishing the food,
So that each one has an equal share,
Peace will start to reign
Among us in this world.
Our trouble comes from greed. We want to eat alone.


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