Respect God’s plan for marriage and you will be successful and happy in your marriage

Marriage was instituted by God. It was not man who instituted marriage. Marriage is God’s plan for us humans. God instituted marriage when he created Adam and decided that a partner would be good for him and created Eve. He created one male one female; and gave them to each other. From then, matrimony was instituted. God put them together. They did not come together on their own. It was God who put them together; and they became one.

God is the binding force in true marriage. He is right at its center.

When a man and a woman marry in Church, it means God has put them together. They “cleave” together and become one. They are not to let go of each other. It’s a life long commitment. They “become one flesh” with God being the cementing force.

This is the plan which God, who instituted marriage put in place for marriage. For our marriage to enjoy His full blessings, we have to follow this plan.

Many marriages hit hard rocks because the couples do not follow the plan that the one who instituted marriage put for it.

Let’s look at this plan point by point:

  1. One man, one wife.
  2. They are put together by God (wed in Church,)
  3. Cleave together and become one flesh. No longer two but one.
  4. Lifelong commitment. We never heard that Adam threw out Eve or that Eve left Adam.
  5. Stay focused on God.
  6. Obey God’s command ( Gods plan for marriage).

The moment husband and wife remove their hearts and minds from God, the devil takes control of them. The next thing is disobedience of God’s plan for their marriage which means sin. This is followed by loss of God’s grace.

Dear loving couples, let us follow God’s plan for marriage and be successful and happy couples.

“Respect God’s plan for marriage and you will be successful and happy in your marriage” (Romilia Quotes)

8 thoughts on “Respect God’s plan for marriage and you will be successful and happy in your marriage

  1. It’s very important to remember that marriage is an arrangement instituted by God. As such, God’s word has what we need to make it work. Love, patience and humility are all attributes that go a long way in making a lasting love filled marriage. (Colossians 3:12-14).

  2. Staying focused on God is by far the most valuable thing you can do in a marriage. Life is hard, marriage is harder. Putting two selfish sinners together will rarely if ever work without God. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Good morning dear,

    I agree with you, but these days marriage for many never last forever because human became more money mind, love value diminishing rapidly. Life changes with life very fast these days.

    Thank you so much sharing nice article
    with us, sks

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