Marriage is full of challenges. What do you do?

We have journeyed for a while on the path of marriage; Like every good marriage, a review is worthwhile. It doesn’t suffice to be married; You must be proud of your marriage; and happy to take a good look at it. Every couple faces challenges In their relationship; You are no exception for sure; How you face these challenges Matters; It can mean joy or disaster For your marriage;If you respect God’s plan for Your marriage, you will have A happy marriage. To do this, you must find ways, To equip yourself with tools To help you Reach out to each other; And once you have the tools, Use them to enhance Or fortify your relationship; Each time you find Your marriage loosing steam, Redynamize it. Learn to encourage your spouse. It strengthens relationship. A great challenge is how you handle hurt feelings. One thing you must avoid in your marriage is being too sensitive. Don’t be too sensitive. You must not retort when your spouse says something you don’t like. This can affect your marriage very negatively. Spouses have to learn to help each other succeed. You don’t stand on each other’s way. A big mistake that many couples make is wanting to see their marriage succeed on its own. It doesn’t happen. You must do what it takes. There are reasons many marriages shatter. You need to know them, especially the main ones so as to know how to handle them or stay clear of them.

I would advice that you take time and master the skills of handling conflict in marriage. Since conflict cannot be completely avoided, it is important to know how to handle it when it comes.
One thing you must give priority to is couple power – doing things as a couple. If you cultivate the habit of doing things as a couple, you will garner tremendous power for achievement as a couple.



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