People with disabilities feel hurt

People with disabilities
Want you to know
They are not people
With inabilities;
Be they physically
Visually impaired,
Or hard of hearing,
They get hurt
When you treat them
As subhuman beings;
People with disabilities
Hate to be pitied;
They say its not pity they need;
It’s your understanding;
And being aware of their needs;
And creating an enabling environment for them
To realize their potentials;
People with disabilities
Hate being talked to
Or treated like little kids
Where as they are grown up;
They are full fledged adults.
They frown at the condescending attitude
Of some people
Who try to sound so superior.
There are things you should never do to a blind person.
Many people with disabilities are excelling in many and areas in life.


5 thoughts on “People with disabilities feel hurt

  1. Thank you so, so much for posting this and for re-linking to my blog post. It is so true, and the first step to getting people to change their view of us is simply educating them. Some just do not know.

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