A summary of my fairytale

I am writing my fairytale;
Who would like to read
My fairytale?
I invite you to read
My fairytale;
The title of my fairytale
Is SIWO International;
And summarized for you thus:
Once upon a time, there lived a man, whose dream was to champion an excellent world for everybody to enjoy.
He called his project SIWO International. His vision was a love world, a war- free world, an excellent world for all to enjoy. He dreamed to bring together one billion
People engaged in saturating the world with positive, love messages to
Inspire the world together;
Motivate the world together;
Encourage the world together;
Speak nothing but the language of love;
Spread love everywhere;
promote kindness.
Build a hate- free world;
A war- free world;
An excellent world for all to enjoy.
By hitting the world continuously with positive messages, to make love and positivity reign in the world while evil is strangled and buried.
That is a summary of my fairytale.
Thank you for reading my fairytale.
I will spend every single day of my life writing this fairytale.
From my heart I thank those who are on board the train for the writing of this fairytale which we have only just begun and sure to hand down to the next generation that will hand it down and each generation will find ways to better the story, till the entire story is written.
Shall it be done in a thousand years? Two thousand years? I have no idea. What I know is this is the way to go for an excellent world, free of hate; free of wars, full of love.
This is a summary of my fairytale.

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