Crusading for an excellent world

I am crusading for an excellent world;
I am a crusader for an excellent world;
An excellent world is not a far-fetched dream;
But a real possibility;
It is full of challenges, though;
And many, I will encounter;
Many will be discouraging messages;
Some will laugh at my dream
With scorn,
Some will launch rockets at us;
Yet, some will hail it as a great dream;
Whatever the case,
I have been taught never to look back,
When the trophy is right ahead of me;
I will wade through all the storms
And land on safe ground;
I have no illusions that my dream will come,
True in my life time.
It will not;
But also, I have no doubt
That this is the right path
To take no matter how long it
May take.
We can only play
Our little part;
And where we end, others
Will continue.
We plant a kolanut seed;
We will never see it bear fruit;
But we know if it is
God’s will, it will.

This is my fairytale.


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