Is God all powerful?

Many are asking the question:
Is God all powerful?
Some say he is;
And can do and undo;
Some others say he isn’t;
That if he were,
He would crush the devil
And rid the world of evil.
They are very convinced
God is not all powerful.
I am convinced
God is all powerful.
He could crush the devil
If he wanted;
But he has decided otherwise;
He has allowed both good
And evil in the world;
We are free to choose which
To follow;
Who are we to question God?
Do we have a say on how
The world is framed?
It’s part of the mystery
Of God.
God is all powerful.
God can do and undo.
God could end the life
Of the devil if he wanted.
God opted for an active world,
Not a dead world.
God is all powerful.



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