Letter from the heart 1

Dear Father,
I am writing to you with tears in my eyes. The reason is simple. I am at home while my friends are in school because you have refused to pay my school fees. My friends are busy studying and preparing for the future. What will become of me tomorrow? Why have you not paid my fees, dad? You can’t imagine that in the whole of my class, I am the only one who is always sent out for fees as if I were from the poorest parents.

Why are you treating me as if I were not your child? If you were poor, I would understand. But you are not poor. God has blessed you with enough money to take care of your family. Why are you not doing that, father?

Why do you prefer to squander your money on alcohol and women? What pleasure do you derive from that? Are you happy that you wife and children are suffering as we are doing?

I see how my mother suffers to help us grow up successfully but you don’t care. She alone worries about our school fees and needs. You don’t make any effort.

It is mother who worries about our welfare. At Christmas, she alone cares to see that we have new clothes; that we have food to eat and something to drink on Christmas day.

When I return from school, it is mother alone who cares to look at my books to know what I did in school. I always long that you do same but you never do. And even when I ask you questions, you shout at me to shut up and should not disturb you.

You make me miserable. My heart bleeds with sorrow.

I am pleading that you change, father. Please!

You only son,

Yoki Zebi.

Family parenting


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