FeedbackTaking negative feedback can be daunting and frustrating for both the person giving it and the person receiving it. Sometimes negative feedback is “on point” and other times it is way off base. I have received feedback about the size of my breast in an academic setting. I was annoyed and aghast at those comments. I thought what does that have to do with anything? Over the years I learned a few pearls which have helped me approach the feedback process with less angst.

  • Be cautious of unsolicited feedback. Often times people who are not skilled, authorized or knowledgeable enough about the task at hand take it upon themselves to “give feedback” or “share their thoughts” about your actions and behaviors. This is extremely common in healthcare with random insinuations about how doing mundane tasks such as making their coffee in the morning “affects patient care” which by the way…

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Married, 2 kids-girls, large family 7 siblings. I love God, family, success, money and friends in that order! I have been described as loud, loving and ludicrous all in the same sentence.

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