Why I like to be like you


Why can’t I be like you?
You are so bright;
So sharp;
So hard working;
So smart;
But those are not the qualities
I admire the most
In you;💖
I admire your calmness;
I admire your kindness?
I admire your humility
The most;
And like to be like you;
So calm,
So kind
And so humble;
in fact, you have
A heart of gold;
I wish to have
A beautiful heart
Of gold like yours;
Is it possible?
I admire anyone with
A heart of gold;
If we all had hearts
Of gold,
What a lovely world
We would have!
I encourage you to
Continue to nurture
Your lovely heart
Of gold.
To inspire others to be
Like you.
So we can make this place
A heaven on earth for
All to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Why I like to be like you

  1. Why can’t we be like someone else, because God doesn’t make carbon copies, we are all made in his imagine but we are all wonderful made by him and call to do different things here on Earth

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