Why I like to be like you

Why can’t I be like you?
You are so bright;
So sharp;
So hard working;
So smart;
But those are not the qualities
I admire the most
In you;πŸ’–
I admire your calmness;
I admire your kindness?
I admire your humility
The most;
And like to be like you;
So calm,
So kind
And so humble;
in fact, you have
A heart of gold;
I wish to have
A beautiful heart
Of gold like yours;
Is it possible?
I admire anyone with
A heart of gold;
If we all had hearts
Of gold,
What a lovely world
We would have!
I encourage you to
Continue to nurture
Your lovely heart
Of gold.
To inspire others to be
Like you.
So we can make this place
A heaven on earth for
All to enjoy.


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