Grant me faith O Lord!

Almighty,  merciful Heavenly Father!
Who am I to have all the blessings you pour on me,
Had it not been for your unfailing love?
See how unworthy I am;
Not as bright as others far and near,
But see what you give me everyday;
More blessings than I can imagine;
What can I do but to thank you, Lord;
Kindly accept my humble thanks;
Grant me more faith in you than ever;
That I may put you at the center
Of my little life;
That I may put you in charge of my all;
That I may not depend on my power, 
But on your mighty power O God;
For in the heaven and in the earth,

There is no one as greater than you;
There is even no one as great as you.
You are the beginning and the end;
The Alpha and the omega;
The king of the universe;
He alone that can do anything he wants,
Without asking anybody;
Almighty God, thank you from my heart.

See the wonderful family you have given me;

A roof I have over my head;

The blessings pour on me daily nonstop.


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