It’s not far

If you are searching
For success,
I can assure you
It is possible
To find it;
And it’s not far;
The key is the button;
Find the right button
And press it.
The difficulty is in
The right button.
But as long as you
Do not give up;
As long as you keep on
As long as you persist,
And persevere,
And brave the storms
One day, you will
Put your finger on
The right button and
You will find the key
Put into the keyhole
And turn;
The door will open to
All that you have been
Yearning for.
I thus, encourage you
To keep on searching.
You will find.
And it is not far;
And won’t be too long.


7 thoughts on “It’s not far

  1. And sometimes finding the right button just means doing the kid in an elevator thing wher eyou just smash every button in sight until something interesting happens. Choose every option you can, if you can, and the doors will keep opening. Sometimes you find yourself at floors you may not want to get off on, and sometimes with all those buttons lit, it takes a while to reach the top floor. But you see a lot on the way up you would have missed without that youthful exhuberance.

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  2. So much depends on your definition of success. Mere survival is success in my view and that is perhaps not so much as finding a button as finding many, many buttons ans simply struggling on against the odds. Quiet determination perhaps. A difficult quality to find in oneself.


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