A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Very enjoyable to read.

Snowbird of Paradise

When I was at the mall the other day, wandering about looking at blouses and sweaters, a woman standing nearby took a white embroidered top off the rack and we both looked at it. I said how pretty it was and she agreed. Then, she looked at me, paused, and said “You have beautiful skin!”

“Thank you,” I said. “I thank my parents for it.”

“You are right,” she said. “It’s all down to DNA.”

I smiled, and as I walked away I said, “You just made my day.” And, she had made my day. I get very few compliments, and those I get are tucked away in my memory bank to bring out when I feel low. This is one of those.

It reminded me of a similar compliment I received from a friend when I was staying at her house about a month ago. She said I looked…

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