Prayer of husband and wife together

Lord, here we are, in front of you
As  a couple;
We thank you for your goodness;
You have given us many gifts,
Many blessings,
Which give us reason to be happy;
Although life has not been easy,
As we have had many problems,
Including illness, misunderstandings,
Worries, and financial difficulties;
And have many times quarreled,
But you have never abandoned us;
You have stood by us always.
And each time we have turned to you,
You have not let us down.

You have given us courage and wisdom
To manage all our challenges;
You have helped us to overcome anger;
To heal the wounds of hurt;
We cannot thank you enough
For your goodness.
Thank you for the gift of each other.
As we look to the future,
We trust that you will continue
To stand by us;
To help us grow in our love
For each other;
And in our love for you;
Grant us the grace
To be more attentive to each other;
To undestand each other better;
To be more ready to forgive
Each other;
May our marriage be an exmple
For others to emulate;
May our couple relationship shine
And inspire all around us!
Make us proud of each other;
And may all the glory for our love
Come to you!



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