If you hope to marry some day

If you hope to marry some day,
You aren’t on a wrong track;
I must say you are right;
Marriage is a good thing
Which has been ordained by God;
But only sweet
To those who go about it
The right way;
Bitter if you take the wrong road;
My best wishes are fully
for you;
That yours may be
A sweet and fruitful marriage
Everyday of your life.
If you hope to marry some day,
Start to get ready for it now;
Don’t wait thinking there’s time;
There’s no time;
Take time to make the right choice;
Seeking God’s guidance
To know who’s best for you.
Mind you, choice is destiny.
And so, take time to choose.
Yes, take time to choose;
Above all, listen to the
Voice from above to give you the guidance you need.



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