A child’s prayer

God our Father who are most high;
I thank you for bringing me
Into this world;
Thank you for my parents;
You know why you gave
Them to me,
And me to them;
They cannot bring me up
On their own;
They need your grace
For their hearts to be filled
With love for me;
To have the wisdom,
The will,
The energy;
The financial
And material resources
To bring me up
In a way that will please you;
Provide them all the means. O Lord;
Help me to be a good child
On my part, to my parents;
Especially to you;
To love you and obey you always;
To obey my parents and teachers.
Help me in my school activities
Especially my studies;
When I go wrong, forgive me.
Make me strong in my faith in you.
And give me a prayerful heart;
Prepare me to serve you
Well so that more glory
May come to you.
Thank you for always being there
For my parents and entire family.
May your name be glorified
In all the earth!


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