Cross Training

Tales From the Krypton

The Flash Season 1, Episode 8

“Flash vs. Arrow”

SUMMARY: Rainbow Raider infects The Flash with a Rage virus that turns him against his friends, including visiting vigilante Oliver Queen.

Syd: I can’t believe we finished recapping all of Young Justice that there is and I can’t believe that soon there’s going to be more. In the meantime, we’re going to switch gears, starting by watching the first CW DC crossover event, when Flash met Arrow. This is going to be interesting for me because I usually hate DC crossovers (for the record, I have never liked any comic with Crisis in the title), but the crossover with The Flash was the only episode of the first season of Supergirl that I genuinely liked. Can Grant Gustin’s overwhelming charm also save Arrow ?

Margaret: Technically, Arrow met Barry Allen in the last season of Arrow and the Flash in the…

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