Give to others what you like others to give to you

The golden rule is as valid today as it has always been. Let’s look at it in the realm of marriage. If you want a great wife for your son, bring up your daughter to be a great wife for someone else’s son. Couples need to take note of this. Let someone else’s son not have the type of wife you do not like for your son. If you want a great husband for your daughter, bring up your son to be a great husband for someone else’s daughter. Let someone else’s daughter not have the type of husband You do not like For your daughter. We have to learn to give to others as the golden rule stipulates. What you like from others be sure you are not giving the opposite to others. Since we love our spouses to be good spouses, we must train our children to be good spouses. If we all did this, the world would be an excellent place.

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