Things I am happy I said to my daughter day 1

I said many things to my daughter when she was young. I am happy I said them. This is what I said to her one day:

“My dear daughter, you are a woman in the making. Today, you are a girl. It wouldn’t be long before you become a woman. What type of a woman do you wish to become when you grow up? Do you wish to become a woman of integrity? Do you wish to become a woman of high standing? Do you wish to be an unknown quantity? Do you wish to command respect when you become a woman?”

She listened to me with keen attention. I went on:

“You shall be respected if you are a woman of integrity; if you respect yourself; if you ind how you behave. You shall be respected if, in addition to being a woman of integrity, you are a woman of high standing. Perhaps, you have not yet given thought to what you want to become in life. Perhaps, you are among the so many girls I this world who just float through life with no clear idea of what they want to become.”

I noticed that she was listening to me with keen attention. That spurred me on to continue:

“Many people do not care what they become. They have no ambition. They have no sense of direction for their lives. Such people almost always end up below what they are capable of becoming. That should not be you.”

This conversation went on with my daughter for many days, weeks, months and years. Today, she is a woman. When I look at her, what she has done, is doing, and I  know she will do, I am happy I talked to her the way I did.

I think it is worthwhile saying what I said to her to other girls. I am confident it will help them, as it helped her, if  not transform their lives. 

But what I will be sharing cannot be limited to girls. True that there will be things only for girls, but it is important for boys to know what parents are telling their girls. There can be no doubt that this knowledge will help them too in many ways.

Thanks for reading! To be continued…


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