Why do I say your success is certain?

What I say is your success is. certain;
And I say why I say so;
You will see why your success
Is certain;
please, let me know what you think;
It’s important to me;
Do you know what lies ahead?
Do you know what the future holds?
Do you know what the womb carries?
Do you know God’s plan for you?
It’s possible to guess;
But hard to know with certainty;
Rest assured,
God has a big plan for you;
God has a wonderful plan
For you;
It is such a lovely plan for you;
Think of the loveliest thing
You would love God to do for you if you were given a blank cheque to fill.
Take time and think;
When you are done, read on;
As you are thinking,
Hold pen and paper in hand;
Write it down;
Fine tune it until
You are satisfied;
Are you done? If yes,
Let me continue;
This is what I want you to know;
That plan you have written
Is exactly God’s plan for you;
That is what God wants you
To achieve.
Yes, and you can;
He is ready to help you
If you start.
Will you?
Better do;
If it demands courage,
Muster it,
But do it willing with joy;
Your success is certain.
Why do I day this?
Because I believe in my heart
Your success is certain.
Yes, your success is certain;
Indeed, your success is certain;
I can bet your success is certain.
May I hear from you?
What you say matters to me;
Kindly spare a few of your minutes to do that for me.
Thank you!


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