My blog, my passion!

Hi friends,

How are you all doing?  As usual, I am doing good. I am enjoying the change of season here.

I love the winters here as the weather is good and we get to explore all the places.  There are countries that slow down during winters because of the cold weather but this country is the most active during the winters.  There are people enjoying long walks and cycling, all around.

Anyways, something happened recently that changed my outlook towards my blog.  During one of my conversations with my husband,  he had told me how much he had loved cycling during his school and college days and the places he had gone cycling.  But after he had come here, he had stopped cycling.

One day my husband took me shopping.  I had no idea what it was all about until we reached a cycle shop.  We went inside and my husband started looking for a cycle.  I asked him was he serious about buying a cycle and he said yes.  This was not something that he had been thinking for a while because otherwise, I would have known.  That day itself we visited a few shops and bought a cycle.

Once the cycle was bought, the shop guy started getting it ready with seat, lights, bell, and helmet, that is when I realized how much my husband loved a cycle.  He was so carefully selecting everything to match his cycle.  He was also observing how everything was being done. I felt happy about the whole thing.

After that, he regularly started cycling which was good because it was a good exercise.  A few days back, we went to another shop for some other purchase and there he found a bell that matched his cycle. His cycle already had a bell so I asked him why he wanted to buy another one to which he replied that the new one matched his cycle color.

I can see so much passion in his eyes for his cycle.  He takes care of it really well. The cycle is his baby now.  The best part about the cycle is that he loves to cycle which motivates him to exercise regularly.

From this one experience, I learned to be passionate about my blog.  My blog is my baby, my creation.  I created it as a hobby to share my knowledge and experience so that it may help somebody in need.  I don’t earn anything from it, but that doesn’t make it less important.

Just as cycling is a passion for my husband which also helps him to exercise and stay healthy, my blog is my passion which helps me think better, write better and be of help to others.

When I realised this, I stopped feeling guilty about spending time on my blog and began to give it a lot of importance.

Blog and cycle are just two examples. There are so many things that we possess, hobbies that we pursue and things that we learn not for the sake of making money but merely out of interest. We shouldn’t feel guilty about them. Not everything is about making money. Yes, if you make money it’s good but that’s it.

Being passionate about something doesn’t mean you have to earn money from it. Both are two different things. It is important to understand this to be able to pursue things that interest us just for the sake of our interest.

When we pursue an interest just as a hobby it helps us relax and this in turn helps us build our skills and get better at it. We also know what we are good at and what interests us.

It is important to do certain things like buying a house, learn new things like pursuing a hobby, build meaningful relationships, keep in touch with people with the intention of enjoying them. Not everything should be about money or building business (this is not for people who pursue business but it is for people who stop pursuing their interest because they think that they should earn from it). It is only then that we will be able to enjoy our interests without worrying about making money.

I enjoy writing on my blog. This year onwards, I started working more seriously on growing my blog content-wise and building new relationships. I feel so good to be able to share my thoughts with you all and also read some good writings of my fellow bloggers. I feel good to be able to build a good community of like-minded people.

The blog made me realise my interest in writing and helped me make new friends. So now I enjoy learning about different forms of writing and also how to blog better.

Just like my blog and writing, there are other interests that I would like to pursue just for the fun of it. Just for myself.

What do you think? Have you felt relaxed while pursuing an interest just to enjoy it?



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24 thoughts on “My blog, my passion!

  1. You hit a note with this post. One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is how it opens up endless possibilities of hearing and reading from a very diverse number of individuals. Thank you for sharing.

    • You’re welcome. I agree on that. I am able to read such diverse content here that it has changed my thought process in many ways. To be able to articulate everything that I read, learn and experience is the biggest gain I have had with this blog. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank you for this article and Happy New Year! Hope you will always pursue your passion and your dreams!
    Pursuing a passion or something you love will always be done with joy and without any intention to earn money, but if it happens that our passion led to earn money, then it became a profession and it’s good either. For me, doing what we love is not related to money and it’s a necessity to every human being so we can enjoy our life and therefore spread happiness. Because when we’re unhappy and hurt, we just hurt and we can’t give or take care of people we love. So we must take care of ourselves first and enjoy our life by finding what’s our passion, even if it seems silly to others, but it makes us happy so we must do it and this is will always be regardless how much money we will earn.
    I personally try to do what I love, at certain point it was writing songs and memorizing them, at some point learning new language, at some point going out and meet new people, at some point cycling…flying…at some point watching lost and lot of movies….most of the times: writing….Our interests change constantly (sometimes they last of course for a very long time) and we must always do them and enjoy them.

  3. You are right on key with that! I believe that looking for that fulfilling meaningful interest is what the phrase “Follow the light” is actually talking about and is the best way to set an example for others around you. Great job.

  4. Happy Friday and Thank You for sharing- Stay Focuesd and Driven – Follow he Passion and Dreams and the Money will come. Focus with Your heart and dont seek or wonder about the money it only takes longer. Focus on the Dream and Passion and the opportunities to earn will begin to present themselves

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