Who has noticed What I have noticed about many couples?

Have you noticed what I have noticed about many couples?

I have noticed that before marriage, the boy and a girl hardly become tired of each other’s company. They can sit together for hours chatting. They love to listen to each other. Their dream is a life together for ever.

After marriage, it does not take very long, the same person whose company was so precious is like not wanted again; the voice that was so melodious and you wanted to hear all the time becomes boring. In bed when you start to chat before long your spouse is snoring leaving you feeling lonely, unloved and frustrated.

Have you noticed this?

This is destroying many marriages.

But what must you do?

Three things are enough.

  1. Accommodate: Accommodate your spouse. Accept all that you will discover in your spouse that you never expected to find there; after all, that is how almost all marriages are. High romance before and disillusionment after marriage.
  2. Whether you marry A or B or C, you will find that not everything will continue to shine and glitter as you found it before you got married. You must accommodate.
  3. Learn how to keep that glow in your marriage; how to keep that fire of love in you burning. Continue to sharpen your cutlass. Don’t expect it to remain sharp or to just keep burning without your fanning it. Fan the flame.
  4. If you are a Christian couple remember that you are three in your marriage which is a triangle. Christ is sitting at the top watching and ready to come in and help, and husband and wife are at the other two angles. Go to him. He will help.
  5. Make an effort. You do not climb a mountain with folded arms. Fight (positively) for your marriage. Some people neglect this point because they think that they will find a better spouse if they break up. Lies. You may end in a more frustrating situation.
  6. Once you are married put in your head once and for all that it’s for life.
  7. Know that those beautiful or melodic voices that you hear will become boring the same way if you jump fence and go to them.

Happy marriage! May the fire of your love keep burning!

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