I usually go to bed as a positive thinker

Now, I am going to bed;
And how am I going to bed?
I am going to bed
As a positive thinker;
I go to bed with
A positive mental attitude;
I go to bed happy;
I go to bed laughing;
I go to bed satisfied;
I go to bed thankful to God.
I go to bed as a winner.
I go to bed knowing
I have won for today.
Please, don’t go to bed
As a loser;
Don’t go to bed
Feeling defeated;
If things did not work,
Give yourself a big smile,
And say
“I am happy and proud
I did my best
Tomorrow is another day.”
Tomorrow will beat today.
And I will go to bed
Feeling beyond the ordinary;
Feeling great.


17 thoughts on “I usually go to bed as a positive thinker

  1. Going to bed a positive thinker, a quiet, relaxed frame of mind is the only way to go to sleep. That is when we recharge the inner batteries of our souls. We can even stay many hops ahead of the Energizer Bunny by going to bed as you say, a positive thinker. I decide to go to bed, and my body is usually in pain. I have lived over 50 years with a spinal cord injury. Going to sleep at night was hard for years. I have learned to talk to the Lord, it sends the pain away. He reaches inside me quietly relaxing me, getting me ready for my next day. I’ve been continuing on this way for decades, all the Praise and Glory goes to the Lord. Satan would rather we spend all night dwelling on evil deeds, thoughts and having an unforgiving attitude toward our fellow man.

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