The love of your dream before and after marriage

This conversation between two lovers 
took place before they got married:

HE  : Yes! At last! It was so hard to wait.
SHE: Do you want me to leave?
HE  : No! Don't even think about it.
SHE: Do you love me?
HE  : Of course, over and over.
SHE: Have you ever cheated on me?
HE  : No! Why are you even asking?
SHE: Will you kiss me?
HE  ; Every chance I get.
SHE: Will you hit me?
HE  :  Are you crazy? I am not that kind of a person.
SHE: Can I trust you?
HE  : Yes!
SHE: Darling!

After they got married when the two people sat down to converse,
read from bottom to top to see how their conversation went.
This story is credited to an unknown writer.
What does it tell you about marriage?

Can you compare the heat in your love
before marriage and now that you are married?
Which has more heat?
Any explanation?
Can anything be done?


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