2 Ills that are killing many people in the world

Are you aware that you are sick?

Are you aware that you may 
Be a patient?
Are you aware that you may
Be sick?
You may be sick of two ills
That are killing many people
All over the world - greed and pride;
Both of them are terminal diseases;
These two diseases have gripped 
Many hearts and are eating them up;
If you are one of them,
They are eating you up slowly;
And will destroy you,
Unless you stop them.
You have a swollen bank account;
Yet, you continue to exploit your workers
And other people in your community,
So as to grow richer and richer;
Why are you accumulating money
Which you do not need?
What is that money doing in the banks?
Many are perishing in misery
All around you;
Meager salaries, you pay your workers!
Yet, they are the ones who do all the work
For you to earn all your money.
See people dying of hunger,
Yet, you throw away food;
See people dying of sickness
For lack of money for medical treatment;
Yet, you have millions and millions
Wasting away in your bank account;
Greed and pride, isn't it?
You want to be feared and adored;
You want to be the richest person
In your community,
And then in your country;
And maybe in the world.
In what way will that help you?
That mere vanity;
Vanity of vanities;
Which does no one any good;
If God blesses you, you bless others;
You don't exploit others;
You don't trample on others;
You don't cheat others.
You don't accumulate wealth you don't need;
You don't need mansions here and there;
A fleet of cars;
God is not a greedy God;
And does not smile at greed;
Instead, he frowns at greed;
He smiles at generosity;
He loves people who share their blessings;
He calls on you to share your blessings
With those less fortunate than you;
Sharing your blessings will give you joy;
Sharing your blessings will extend
God's love to some people in need;
Sharing your blessings, you help God
Answer someone's prayers.
You shall be abundantly blessed, my friend;
You shall be blessed just like the receiver.
Don't exploit anyone;
As for accumulating wealth,
Amass no wealth beyond what you need;
Excess wealth you don't need;
A swollen bank account won't help you;
Court not adulation from fellow humans;
Pride we know, goes before a fall.
Humility is the key;
The humblest are the greatest;
The greatest are the humblest.

This is a message from SIWO International.
Our missions is the promotion of a world
Where love , peace and joy prevail, 
Supplanting hate, wickedness, wars
And the killings destroying the world.
If you subscribe to this dream,
Lend your support by sharing
This message and, or related messages.

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