Prayer for an excellent world

O Good Master, King of Glory,

Master of heaven and earth;

Here I am, still in bed,

Rolling from side to side,

In fear, doubt and worry,

Thinking about my day,

Thinking about my future;

Thinking about your plan

For my life this day;

And the year ahead;

Thinking about your plan

For us and our country;

As I lie here looking up,

Thinking of where to go

From here, my eyes are full

Of tears as I see a future

That does not give me hope;

How can tears not fill my eyes

When so many were brutally killed

This night in wicked

And meaningless fighting;

Violence, wars?

I can see blood all over;

Total despair grips me;

But I cannot forget, O Lord,

That you are here with me;

You have given us assurance

That you will be with us,

In good and bad times;

That even when the storms

Are raging,

We have no reason to doubt

If we put our trust in you;

Yes, O Lord, you are

The beginning and the end;

The start and the finish;

You are both the door

And the key that opens

That door;

What you decree, no one can


Grant us the wisdom

To know what is right;

To do what is right:

And what will bring glory

To your holy and almighty name,

Now, today, and for ever.

Protect me and my loved ones

This day and forever as you

Have always done;

Protect all your children

Who are living in fear

Of the unknown;

Not sure to see

Even the next hour;

Not to talk of the next day;

There are many who are living

In great fear;

There are many who are worried;

There are many who go hungry,

With no food to eat

In the mist of plenty;

In a world of abundance;

Destroyed by the sheer greed

Of hawks everywhere,

Who want to be the only cocks

To crow;

There are many everywhere

Who live on hills,

Not in homes,

But in the open air;

What the future holds,

They don’t know;

They live at your mercy alone.

Grant O Lord,

That a way may be found for them

To return to their homes

And live in peace for ever after.

Bring justice to the world;

We live in a world where injustice

Is the order of the day;

Where dishonest people

Find their way through

Unscrupulous means,

While honest ones suffer;

Come into our hearts O Lord,

Fill us with the right spirit;

So that we live not as we like,

But in accordance with your word

And your plan for us and the world.

On you alone we count for justice

In the world;

And love and peace;

We are tired of hate burning

The world;

Consuming the world;

Destroying the world;

We humans have failed ourselves;

Only you can we trust.

All our hope is in you.

Save us;

Stand always by us as you have promised,


Please, kindly share this prayer coming to you from SIWO International crusading for a hate- free world, a war- free world, a world where love fills all hearts, an excellent world for all to enjoy. By sharing, reblogging, tweeting, pinning this prayer, you are making an immense contribution to this campaign.

We want to saturate the world with positive messages so that they can strangle or submerge everything that is negative. Let us shout the positive so loudly that no one will be able to hear any negatives which will drown in the ocean of positives.

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