Criticism: How to take it!

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Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Hoping all are good. Today I will share my point of view about the topic “Criticism“. Everybody has to face it at some level of their life.

How one should take it or react it, today we will talk about it. What is the actual criticism in the real mean? How it affects the one’s life? What is the positives or negatives of this expression? We need to understand it at the deeper level.

Criticism is the expression of finding faults & mistakes as well as the good part of the particulars and then judging them on the basisofthat acts. True Criticism should be based on the above definition but in actuality is it happen? Think about it and share your experiences regarding this.

That so-called person who has the authority or they take it by default to judge…

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  1. I think the value of criticism is really dependent upon the motivationn and intent of the critic. If it is to attack, belittle, offend, punish, reject etc then it’s often of very little value to anyone, even the critic.

    If on the other hand it is motivated by a genuine love of the truth then I think it is an invaluable part of relating to others authentically. And it can be the basis of change and growth, improvement and greater trust between people if handled maturely.

    Unfortunately, many of us don’t distinguish between these two motivations behind criticism and, because criticism can make us feel uncomfortable, we can reject it completely due to the discomfort involved. The key is to identify the intent and then decide what to accept and what to reject.

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