The world must change

We need to change the world;
Who says the world cannot change?
The world will change;
The world must change;
But the world will not change
By itself,;
We will be the ones
To change the world;
And we will do it;
We, the people of the world.
Have the responsibility
To play our part
To take the world some steps
To what it is meant to be.
Either we change the world
And save it,
Or we allow it
To continue as it is going,
And  end up hitting a mighty rock
And shattering to pieces.
Either we stop the world
From moving on the path
Of evil to its doom,
Or we allow it to do so.
We need to change
The world;
We need to change it from
An evil world to a good world.
Good must replace evil;
Love must take control
Of the world not hate;
Kind people must rule the world,
Not wicked people,
The blessings of the world
Must be enjoyed by all
Not just a few;
Justice must prevail
Not injustice.
We must join forces and change
The world;
And save it from perdition.

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