You need to know why God created you

You need to know why God
Created you;
God did not create you,
And put you here on earth
For nothing.
He was not wasting his time
When he created you;
Can you imagine God
Wasting his time?
Not at all;
All that God does is important;
He created you for a purpose.
He created you with a mission in mind;
That you should carry out a mission
In this world;
And when you accomplish that mission,
He moves you to the next world;
There are people who know
What their mission is;
They know why God created them;
What God put them here for;
They know it and go for it;
There are many others who have no idea
What their mission is;
What they are here for;
As a result,
They follow the wrong path;
And you can be sure such end
With wasted lives.
It is important to know
That God created you for a purpose;
And also to know what that purpose is;
When you know it, don't stop there;
Pursue it unrelentingly,
Till you get to the end.
Do you know your mission here?
Do you know why God created you?
It is easy to know;
Ask him to tell you what he created you for.
That is how you know your mission;
It is clear that if you ask God
To tell you why he created you,
He will tell you;
Actually, He knows better than anyone
Why he created you;
So go to him.



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