It is not impossible

I can hear someone saying,
It is impossible
For the world to change;
I do understand them;
Beliefs and practices
Entrenched for thousands
Of years
Will not just be decimated at a go;
But eventually, it can be done;
And will be done.

The world will change or perish;
Ask me how?
Whoever knew the Berlin Wall
Would one day come down?
Whoever knew
Communism would one day collapse?
Whoever knew the present day
Communication miracle
Was possible?
The seemingly impossible
Is possible;
So, never say it is impossible;
What is impossible?
Nothing is impossible;
The world can change;
The world will change;
We will change the world.
It is a must.

The world must change.
Take it as a resolution;
We cannot continue to have
What we are having;
We are tired of
An evil world;
Where hatred is so dominant;
We want that no more;
Love must prevail;
Justice must reign;
The world must change;
The world must  change for good.


We will keep drumming what is right
Into people's ears
Until they pay attention to us;
We will not be tired;
We will not be discouraged;
Instead, we will recruit more and more people
To join us;
And soon, the whole world will be
On board;
When we are tired,
Or when we leave the scene,
Others will continue from where we leave it.


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