Interview with a blogger who has captured my attention in a special way

Today, we give you Part One of an interview we had with a blogger who has impressed us greatly on WordPress. Her name is Richa Sharma of I so much enjoyed talking to Richa and I know you will enjoy our conversation. Enjoy!

Hello! It’s a real pleasure for me to meet you for this interview. Please, introduce yourself.

From a ghost writer to iScriblr – my life has been a roller coaster ride of amusing (most of the times), deplorable(sometimes) and impelling (always) moments! An Army brat, gastronome, absurd,an animal lover, health freak, married and delightful – This is Richa for you and on iScriblr, I blog my passion!

Welcome to “my world” – where the words are fancy and the heart is honest!

 Which is your country?

Born in India, settled in the USA. 

Tell me about your academic profile.

I am double graduate and a double postgraduate in English Literature, Zoology and Education.

How long have you been blogging?

My first post went live on 13thOctober 2017 so, 13 months!

What do you blog about?

Positivity and inspiration, if that’s the genre we’ll like to consider.

What prompted you to start blogging?

 Some random thoughts, a husband to technically assist me in setting up my website, lose time and years of yearning to write = iScriblr was born!To be honest, writing always has been very close to my heart. When conversations failed, I wrote! It has been my “happy place” where I can express myself freely without being judged or belittled.Post quitting my job of 10+ years and finally being able to get some time for myself – blogging was the obvious next step towards “my freedom to expression.”Also, what’s knowledge if you haven’t shared it, when you had the chance?What are the challenges you face or havefaced as a blogger? 

Thankfully, I haven’t yet experienced“writer’s block”, though there can be days when I am short on time and fail to create anything worthwhile.

What has kept you going as a blogger?

“Writing” is what takes me away from life and its mundane craziness and this very thought of breaking free is what keep me going. 

What blogging advice do you have for new bloggers and those who are still struggling with blogging?

It’s no secret that when you’re starting out blogging, the situations seriously can be a bit overwhelming! Too many trials and tribulations, what’s and whys. Post many blunders, here are 3tips, that I think can help y’all to not do what I did, or do what I didn’t do!

1 BE AUTHENTIC – Be real, be YOU! I understand that there will be a lot of pressure to attract people to your blog but that does not mean that you blindly follow and ape a trend! Embrace your uniqueness and do not try to be someone who you are not.

2 DON’T OVERWHELM YOURSELF OR OVER COMMIT – If your schedule is preposterous then don’t stress trying to get a post – up every single day. Remember it should always be “Quality over Quantity” and not the other way round.

3 LOVE WHAT YOU DO – Remember that you are doing this for yourself and not to please anyone else. Put in your best of efforts and enjoy your work.”

What is your strategy to achieve your dream?

Never say NO! Always keep you head high and keep working towards your goals, no matter how uphill the task.

What is your personal philosophy of life?

Be compassionate! Compassion leads to understanding, which leads to love, which leads to peace.

Do you have a mantra?

Have a generous heart and wish for others everything you want for yourself. 

What motivates you to keep going?

My “grey-cells!” On a serious note,this (blogging/writing) is something that I have always wanted to do. (And I don’t really think that I will give up on it any-time soon!) 

 In the words of Robert Frost – “These woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” 

When you work so hard towards achieving your goals, giving up is never an option!

What do you do when you meet a difficulty on your way?

Stare “her” in the eye and keep doing my thing! 

 Thanks to my Papa (who’s an Army man) – I come from a school of thought that advocates – “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!”

Who are some of your best friends? What do you like about them?

 Being the kind of “social”person that I’ve always been, I have a truck old of friends! What I love about them is their “acceptance” towards who I am, without trying to change me

What qualities do you like to find in people?

Honesty, compassion and hard work ranks the best in my admiration list. Also, I am a sucker for “ethics!”

What type of people do you dislike or hate?

Liars and hypocrites.

Who is your role model?

To be honest, I am the kind of person who would “pick up” good things from everybody around me. 

Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs, Maya Angelo, Elon Reeve Musk, Dr. Abdul Kalam, Tupac Shakur, Michelle Obama, Lady Diana – have all been positive triggers in my life.

The list also includes my parents, who have been the epitome of courage, will and hard work.

What do you admire in your role model (s)?

 Their courage, their resilience and their strength to face the life’s battles and worldly turmoil.  

Thank you, Richa, for sacrificing time to talk to us. And dear reader, this is part one of my interview with this amazing lady who was wonderfully nice to talk to. Part Two is coming soon. Do not miss it.


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