SIWO Global News 12th November 2018 #212

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Spectacular Frozen Waterfall In Shenquanxia Scenic Area-Beijing

A beautiful sight is what the people and tourists to the Shenquanxia waterfalls get when they visit. For the waterfall freezes because it is too cold to flow. Locally women in traditional costume dance on the ice and tourists walk by it. The waterfall is like a curtain and the icicles like swords. “A magnificent experience” is how one tourist described it.

Every winter the natural ice sculptures of the fairy tale ice attracts photographers too. They find icicles, ice shoots, ice waterfalls, ice flowers, ice hangings, ice clusters, ice towers and crystal clear are the sword-sharp shapes of icicles. All is to be found in the Shenquanxia Gorge where charcoal has been mined for tens of thousands of years, including in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Yongding River flows in the summer its water collected from numerous springs.

Inspirational Story and Quote

“Whatever you are scared of doing. Do it.”

By Neil Gaiman


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Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful



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