Take this flower home

Take this flower which
I am offering you,
As a sign of my love for you;
The love
That fills my heart
Is as sweet as the nectar
That pulls the bees;
As this flower shines,
So does my heart shine.

Look at the red!
That is exactly the color
Of the love in my heart
For you.
It’s so bright and beautiful.
The flower is all for you
As my heart is all for you;
Why don’t you take it home?
And each time you glance at it,
Remember me;

Take it home;
And think of me whenever
You see it;
And wherever you go,
Take it along;
Mine is a love that never dies;
So plant the seeds to grow
And blossom;
It’s a wonderful unending love
I have for you.
This flower, by its beauty
Is a clear sign of that love;
Though it may wither
And dry up, but not my love
For you.
It will live for ever.
Burn forever;
And glow forever.
Sweet like honey for ever.



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