14 reasons to share your blessings as opposed to hoarding

There are people who are good at sharing their blessings. Such people are blessed. They benefit from the blessings that sharing brings.

They also bless others.

There are others who do not share regardless of what they get. They accumulate for themselves. Such people suffer from two ills that are killing so many around the world.

There are 14 reasons you must learn to share your blessings.

  1. Sharing pleases God.
  2. Sharing makes people happy.
  3. When you share, you enrich others
  4. When you are blessed you are expected to share with those who are not .
  5. What you share multiplies.When you share you receive more.
  6. When you share, you help God answer some one’s prayer.
  7. The Bible instructs us to share.
  8. At times it is only when someone shares that some people are able to meet certain needs.
  9. Sharing strengths friendship ties.
  10. Sharing helps to create a relationship of trust.
  11. Sharing knowledge helps build people and the one who shares
  12. Sharing reduces lack and suffering.
  13. Sharing is an act of generosity.
  14. Sharing is caring.

You can see from the aforementioned that sharing brings many blessings. The wonderful blessings of sharing. Do not hesitate to share so that you can benefit from these blessings.

You are encouraged to share. Do not be greedy. Do not hoard the blessings of the world. Share! Let them reach others especially the less privileged.

There is no use stock piling earthly treasures which you will leave behind when the bell rings for you.

Sharing blesses you. Greed may lead to your destruction. There is the story of Greedy Mouse that found a basket full of corn. He made a small hole on the basket and got in. He ate and ate, but when he wanted to come out he found that he had become too fat to pass through the hole.

He started to cry desperately for help. Along came Rabbit. When he asked Mouse explained his plight.

Rabbit laughed and went his way. By morning Mouse’s stomach had gone down and he could have easily slipped out through his tiny hole but greed pushed him to want more corn. So he started eating again. Before long he was again full and unable to go. Again he cried out for help. Thus time around it was Cat who came around.

Before long Cat was having a sumptuous meal of a healthy mouse.

Often, this is where greed takes the people it takes captive.

Sharing, on the other hand, many people believe, causes a multiplication of what is shared. As someone has said, no one has ever become poorer because they shared their blessings. Instead, when you share, you grow because new doors easily open to you. When you share, you win more friends and more good feeling towards you. They will give you their support if the need arises.

Do not forget that the shoes or clothes you might not have won for a year will make another feel like a king at an upcoming wedding or celebration.

Do you know what you can share?

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter
  4. Water
  5. Money
  6. Time

Sharing is an act of kindness that the Bible and the Koran, the two greatest books encourage.

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