Christmas 2018 Getting To Know Me Series: Day Four

Sirena Rayleeta Lind

Good evening, my Treasures! I hope you’re all planning some fun for the upcoming new year. Me? I’ll probably be sleeping. It’s possible I may be virtually cuddling my love as well. Or I might be nagging the socks off my little heart sister. All good times!

For now, I’m giving you all the fourth day of Christmas!

On the fourth day of Christmas, some questions put to me…

4. WhenI wake up, I can’t stand…?

People. I can name two people I wouldn’t mind spending my first hour awake with, because neither of them demands anything of me, but generally after rousing from sleep, I need at least an hour to myself to wake and mentally prepare for the day.

This isn’t to say I’m a demon if I must interact with people. There is no cause for disrespect and hostility. I’d just prefer that quiet time before the…

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