Share your resolution, share on making a resolution

This is the time for making resolutions for 2019,
Some people have already done theirs,
Some are still doing theirs;
Some people believe in making resolutions;
Some people do not;
What about you?
Are resolutuions worthwhile?
Should we spend time making resolutions?
Let us share on resolutions.
And if you have already written your resolution
For 2019,
And do not mind it, 
Could you share it with us, please?
I have not yet written my resolution for 2019,
But I hope to write one.
And I look back at 2018,
With joy when I read my pledge.


2 thoughts on “Share your resolution, share on making a resolution

  1. For the past four years my resolution has simply been to be a better listener. I can not impress upon anyone enough about how important learning how to “listen” is. It will make you a better friend, loved one, partner, team mate, co-worker. It will allow you to grow and even protect you . I encourage everyone to be a better listener. But beware of the occasional deafening noise you will hear. 😉

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