Christmas 2018 Getting To Know Me Series: Day Six

Sirena Rayleeta Lind

Please don’t forget to vote in the pole posted in day five if you haven’t! Once it closes, I’ll have more of an idea of when would be the most ideal time to post for you guys!

Now, without further ado…

On the sixth day of Christmas, some questions put to me…

6. The vegetable I hate the most is…?

The first thing that leaps to my mind is horseradish. I know it’s more of a condiment, but its base is a vegetable (the horseradish itself), and I’ve never liked it. I’m partial to other vegetables; I can’t think of one I’ve tried that would pass the spit test. I’m sure there are many others out there I haven’t tried, but even artichokes (though they may be more like flowers) are delicious. They’re just not something you want to eat if you’re craving easy chew food.

5. Something that inspires…

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