365 blank cheques

From January first, 2019 to December 31, 2019
You have 365 open cheques from the Almighty;
One cheque a day;
Feel free to fill what ever amount you like
And cash a cheque a day;
What will you fill in your first cheque?
What will you fill in your first five cheques?
Whatever you decide is up to you.
The fact is you have 365 blank cheques in 2019.
You shall use this wonderful gift as you like;
But don't forget one thing:
The Gospel must get to all the nooks
And cranies of the earth;
As the Lord commands;
You shall do well also to be a vehicle
Of God's answer to the cry of the needy.
My love, encouragement and blessings for 2019.
Blessings shared multiply.


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