The content of your basket

Everyone has come into 2019
Carrying a basket 
That is heavy in content;
But what is in your basket?
Some baskets are full of negatives;
Some are full of positives;
See someone carrying a basket
Full of grudges;
Another is carrying a basket full of criticisms;
And another is carrying a basket
Full of complaints;
I call their baskets,
The dark baskets;
Full of everything that is not going well
With other people,
The country;
And the world;
That is not my kind of basket,anyway;
What I like is the bright basket;
Everything good is in that basket;
Smiles fill it to the brim;
Yet, other beautiful things still have their space;
Praise and appreciation are everywhere.
Smiles and positive attitude competing also
For space.
This is my basket;
This is what I have taken along to 2019.
If you are carrying a basket like mine,
We are meant to journey together. Come with me,
Let's journey together this 2019.
Fill your basket with positive content.

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