Interview with one of the loveliest bloggers I have met, Amulya Bhardwaj

Amulya Bhardwaj, a charming, dynamic and promising young lady I met on the blogosphere has continued to intrigue me with her brilliant mind and charming heart.  Amulya shines through her work. To know more about this rising star, I contacted her for an interview for SIWO. Amulya willingly accepted. Below is my chat with her. I hope you enjoy it.
From which country do you hail?
The incredible, India (भारत ) 🇮🇳
Which part of India?
I belong to a small city in the Uttar Pradesh state of India, named Bareilly.
What is peculiar or unique  about your people?
The culture. India has always been known for the variety and diversity in the culture of its people. The languages, the traditions, the culture, is so vibrant and diverse here. The richness in it’s heritage and history is incredible.
What can you say about your family?
We are a small family. My father and mother, both are working. I have a younger brother. We are both studying in the same university.
Are you happy with what God has given you in life ? I am talking about your origin, background, family, social status etc.
 I am happy and proud about everything in my life, but not satisfied. And that’s what is required to keep improving yourself. I have everything that I could ask for this moment ! But, life is all about keep moving and keep improving.
What type of food do you like most?

I like pizza and burgers ( haha ! Who doesn’t ! ) Basically, I would love anything that’ll have cheese in it !


But, my favourite would be North and south Indian food. Dosa and chicken dishes can make my any day better ! And pastries !!! They’re love !

What do you enjoy most doing?
I like watching movies and yes, Cartoons ! I still watch Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and Shinchan ! ( Still a kid at heart ! )
What type of people do you like most?
I like straightforward people. And by that, I do not mean the people who just say anything without thinking. I like people who are polite and truthful. I believe, apart from courage, politeness and kindness are most powerful magic that one can possess.
What are the qualities you like to see in your friends?
Luckily, the friends I have, are all amazing people. They’re kind, helping, fun loving, and understanding. The key to a good friendship is what the title song of “friends” says – I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU, WHEN THE RAIN STARTS TO POUR”. It’s about being there for each other and caring for each other !
What kind of people do you hate?
I hate those people who do not value and respect others’ opinion and thoughts.
What kind of man would you like to marry?
Heheh ! (This makes me smile) I would like to marry someone, with a heart, that understands the beats of mine. Someone, who’ll make me believe that love isn’t a myth, but, a truth that my heart has known since forever. The one who would understand and value my dreams and opinions; who would always encourage me to follow my passion and goals; who would understand that marriage is about sharing life and celebrating togetherness.
What are your best subjects in school?

My favorite subjects are English ( of course ), quantitative analysis, genetics and bioprocess engineering.
What are your dreams? I mean, what would you like to become?
When I try to paint my future, I see myself working in a company, doing well at my job and being settled.
I don’t dream to have an extraordinary life, but, something more than just ordinary. I want to write and be able to make people look at this world and life with positive outlook. I want to be able to help the needy. I want to do, even the smallest bits, to educate the children who don’t get the opportunity to get education. In short, I just aspire to be someone who is good at heart and kind in her deeds.
Would you like to travel to other parts of the world or live in other countries? Which countries would that be?
Yes !! I have a full planned list of places I want to visit. Japan is at the top of the list. But, I have no intention of settling anywhere else than India.

It must mean you love India so much.  Is that, therefore, your best country in the word?

Haha ! You can say that. I do love India very much. India still needs much more progress and improvements. And I aspire to be a part of that journey. I want to do, even my little efforts, for the underprivileged people of India. And that’s why I don’t want to settle anywhere else. Rather, I want to settle in India and do my littlest bits to serve the nation.

Tell us about your blogging experience.
My blogging experience has been a roller coaster ride. I continuously go on and off here because of lack of time.
Blogging has helped me build confidence in me. The love, the appreciation I get ( thanks to everyone ) , is overwhelming. I started blogging to share my experiences and opinions through poems, and it has been a wonderful journey 🌸
When did you start blogging?
I started blogging about 3 years ago.
What prompted you to create a blog?
I don’t have any particular reason why I started it but, mostly, it was because I thought writing and sharing was the best way to divert my mind that time. I was in a state of depression. And writing, sharing, blogging, helped me a lot to overcome those negative thoughts.

Curious to hear you talk of a state of depression. You look so beautiful one would think everything is going perfectly for you, but you are talking of depression. What happened?  I just talked about your beauty. Indeed, you are such a shining beauty. Do people often say this to you?

(Blushes) Thank you so much for the compliment. You always make me smile like that. Hehe. There was a time when everything around me looked so messed up. To be honest, I could’ve handled situations better if I acted much maturely. But ! I didn’t. I just let the situations take over my peace, my joys and my confidence. But, I overcame it. And here I am! In an interview with the most amazing and inspiring person here !

Have you had some embarrassment or some experiences that have come as a result of how people see you?

I don’t think that anything that embarrassing has happened to me, but, yes,  people’s opinions change. And that’s the truth.

Let us come back to blogging. How do you find blogging? Hard? Easy? Challenging? Thrilling?

It is quite challenging for me to cope up with blogging now. I am an undergraduate student, and I don’t get much free time for myself. So, I am always going on and off on WordPress. However, no matter how busy am I, I always find a way of writing. And whenever, I get some free time, I share my work on WordPress and read others’ too
What have you gained from blogging?

I have gained patience. I was a very impatient person. Blogging, made me realise that good things take time to happen.
What do you blog about?
I share my quotes and poems on my blog. Everything that I write is related to what I have or what I am experiencing. So, it’s like, I share my vision, opinion and life incidents.
How did you come to be part of SIWO?
Initially, I followed SIWO because I always liked the positive energy that it radiated through it’s posts. Then, I became an author there. I started sharing my vision there too. I wasn’t very consistent though. Hehe. But, I always cherished being a member of such inspiring community.
What role do you play in SIWO?
I have been honored by the position of co-admin. And I feel so overwhelmed by the trust that the founder of this site, that you are, have  shown in me.
What have you learned or gained from SIWO?
SIWO has always been my place for finding inspiration. I have learned so much here. I didn’t know I could be a part of something so big and wonderful. It made me realize my capabilities. I feel great being a member of Success Inspirers’ World.
 How do you spend your leisure time?
I spend my leisure time watching movies or reading books. Or talking to the people I love.
Let me come back to the kinds of people you dislike or dislike.

I like polite, truthful, courageous and fun loving people. I don’t like people who do not value or respect other’s opinions and feelings. I believe in the magic of courage and kindness.
How do you see social media and the way people use it. Is it doing good or evil to society?
See, everything in this world has it’s own pros and cons. Social media is a great platform for sharing, but, there are people who misuse it by sharing negativity. If used wisely, like SIWO is doing, one can create wonders and make this world a better and happier place. But, for those who misuse it, it is a threat to our society.
Which is your best poem?

I think my best work is Poem 89: She, and I.
Can you share with us here?
Here it is :
The zephyr runs through her hair
She, standing right in front of me
I, trying to be the best
I can be
It’s been a long time
Years since we’ve met
Since we’ve shared the days
And kissed the sunset
She, looking like the incarnation
Of the beauty of venus
And I, fantasising about the perfect
And soothing love of us
The winds, place and weather
All have changed in the time
But she, is still the same
The same warming rhyme
The moment seems to be paused
My eyes sparkling with her shine
And my heart reading hers
As I’m hers, and she’s mine !
That is an amazing poem. Do you have any plans to write a book or books? About what?
I really want to publish books. That’s one of the things that I want to do, for sure, in my life. I want to write a poetry book, a self help book and a love Novel. Already, my work has been published in two anthologies.
That is great. Bravo! Tell me!

What kinds of books do you love reading?
I love reading fiction and philosophical books.
Name three books which have had a great impact on you.
Three books that have had a great impact on me are: Harry Potter (all time favourite), The subtle art of not giving a fuck, and Alchemist.
Who are your role models?
My dad and mom are my role-models. I mean it. I have seen them struggle. I have seen them being strong in dark days. I have seen them admiring the little things and joys of life. I always say my parents are the definition of courage and kindness for mme
Which has been your greatest challenge in life?
My greatest challenge so far was to start believing in myself. I had a very low level of self confidence initially.
How did you sail through it?
 I read books, saw videos, practiced self-care and did self evaluation to build confidence in myself. Now, I can proudly say  – I love and adore myself more than ever; and more importantly, I feel so proud of myself.
Good to hear that. Which is your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is “Don’t let the winds decide your way.” I wrote it when I was practicing self care. I realized that I was letting the outer world affect me so much and that was threatening.
Do you love pets?
I love pets. Cats and dogs, I just adore them so much!!
I met this little girl on the street near my home. I fell in love with her the first time she looked at me.  I named her Oreo because she’s black and white like the oreo biscuit. Hehehe!
I want to thank you sincerely for accepting to answer our questions. Congratulations on the great work you are doing.  I encourage you to  keep shining.

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