Prayer for food

God our Father,
Thank you for creating food
And making so much if it
Available to humanity;
We have so much food
In the farms,
In markets
And in some homes.
Thank you for the farmers
Who produce this food.
We all need food;
That is one language
That everybody speaks
And understands;
We all need food;
Whether we are young
Or we are old;
Whether we are rich or poor,
Whether we are leaders or followers;
We need food;
Food is good and bad;
Food builds but also destroys;
We cannot do without food;
People are healthy and happy
When they eat good, delicious food;
Many people fall sick
Because they don’t eat
Good food;
When people cannot afford
Food to eat, they are sad;
God our Father,
We pray for food;
We pray for more and good food
For everybody;
We pray that you help us
To share the food in the world
In a way that everybody
Will have a fair share
And be happy.
Stop the starvation
That is going on in the world;
Stop giving so much food
To some people
And nothing to many others.
O Lord, stop the fighting,
That is rocking the world
Because of food.
Thank you for all our food;



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