Pro Stream Webcam 1080P: Product Of The Week! Complete With Video Babble!

Sirena Rayleeta Lind

It has begun! The product of the week posts!

I have no planned themes for these, my Treasures. As you know, my posts cover everything. But I’ve been shopping devotedly on Amazon for years, and I’ve built up quite a collection of products I genuinely enjoy.

The product I’m all about today is the Pro Stream Webcam 1080P, sold by Supertemblor on Amazon.

I got this on a lightning deal for $20 off the original price, using a Christmas gift card sent to me by the beautiful Jenna Faris for filming my Youtube videos.

Now, it’s not oh my gosh professional perfection; according to Micha, my iPhone camera has better video quality, but for my budget and for my desk setup, it works wonderfully. The image is clear, even without a lightning deal the price is reasonable for a beginner, the audio quality of the built-in microphone isn’t at all…

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