The Podcast Delayed

Sirena Rayleeta Lind

Sad news!

I had hoped to have my first podcast episode out by the end of December, but as you can see, that did not happen! I’m having a lot of difficulties putting the pieces of it together, since I recorded, cleaned and saved many of them in their own project files. Oops. I’m also having a lot of trouble mixing the music below the vocals in the way I want it.

The result is a lot of frustration and a podcast that I’m going to have to rerecord, all on one track, hopefully eliminating some of the difficulties in the process. I’m still going to need to play around with blending in music tracks, but if the vocals are all in one place at least, that will be half the battle.

It is coming, and while I might not be popping out episodes once a week at this point…

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